Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. This is a bunch of yada yada about me with a couple decent pics of me in the not so distant yesterday. I wanted to create a space where you could check out some of the work my friends and I have put together over the years. So many people I could thank. The kind of art I like to create, doesn't see the light of day without a team who believe in the same goal and get to it. Enjoy!

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The b.g.

An award winning actor and playwright, Terrence studied acting and directing at the Los Angeles City College at both The Theatre Academy and The LACC Cinema Departments, Screenwriting with Bobby Moresco at The Actor's Gym, and John Doolittle at UCLA, ScreewritingU. Musical theater book writing with NMI.(New Musicals Inc. ) Born in Winslow Arizona, (not on at corner) Terrence comes from a very creative Irish American family. Terrence got to spend a whole lot of great Wednesday nights writing the book to the musical "April Came in December" with his mother who taught him so many life lessons, not to mention, the "Five-Seven" chord.. He and his twin brother, Gavin,  penned the songs for the musical as well as a trunk full of songs. Still co-writing, the Atkins brothers now compose music for film. Mr. Atkins is also a life-long martial artist with a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He and his lovely wife, Lindsey, an accomplished actor and musical theater performer, live in Los Angeles with their zany and fun-loving children.


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