It Happened in Roswell
Stages Festival of New Musicals

Looking for a place to land
Amy Steen Bloom & Matthew Herrman
Scoop charms the townies
Ooga Booga Boo!
Nathan Ondracek & Amy Steen Bloom
The alien arrives
Julie Tolivar as Nine-O
Learn to Dance
Nine-O freezes Scoop
J. Tolivar, J.M. Bowers & A.S. Bloom
Julie Tolivar & Rory Dunn
Destroy the Invader From Space
The Movie Musical
Julie Tolivar & Rory Dunn
Great Scott! An alien!
Stick em up!

Workshop production at Stages Festival of New Musicals Los Angeles
Directors:  Scott Guy & Terrence Atkins
Musical Director:  Ron Barnett
Choreographer:  Susanna Young 
Costume Design:  Abel Alvarado


Nine-O:  Julie Tolivar
Scoop:  Rory Dunn
Bessie:  Amy Steen Bloom
Floyd:  Nathan Ondracek
Rusty:  Matthew Herrmann
Bessie:  Amy Bloom
Frank:   Emerson Boatwright
Nails:  John McCool Bowers
Mabel:  Carrie Madsen
Edna:  Emma Sperka.