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Dana Meller as Nine-O

Robert Townsend as Scoop

Erica Amato   George Miserlis   Taviz Danz

L to R -Jill Townsend, Robert Townsend,

Jefferly Llyle Segal, Terrence Atkins, and Dana Meller

   as              as                    as

Roxy          Rusty               Brad

Terrence Atkins   David Holmes as Nails

Demo Pics Page
Anchor 1

Stan Chandler (Vocal Dir.) with harmonious ensemble extrordiaire featuring Scott Dreier, Julie Dixon Jackson,

Kirsten Chandler, and Kim Huber.

Lindsey Mixon as Bessie

  TA, JLS, and Susan Grace as Mabel

TA, Matthew Rocheleau as Floyd, JLS
(somebody looks tired...)

David Gordon as Frank

Not pictured but forever appreciated:   Stuart Ambrose, Elise Dewsberry, Yoli Tolentinio , Linea Dinkin.

Every performer on our demo, whether singing a lead or blending into the ensemble, has either performed on Broadway or in a regional theater. Jeff and I thank them for their talent and time. Special thanks to Gavin Atkins, Lindsey Mixon, Pat Atkins, Charlotte Segal, Ken Charlson, Ross Kalling, Lewis Welkenfeld, & NMI.

Recorded at:

Lemon Merengue Studios, Los Feliz, CA - Sebastian Libero, Engineer

Winslow Court Studios, Hollywood, CA - Craig Adams, Engineer

Daphne Chen on the theramin

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