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Close Enemy

Close Enemy
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Close Enemy

Close Enemy

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Horror Short:  Dude! Spider!!!

Horror Short: Dude! Spider!!!

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Just Swingin'

Just Swingin'

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Summer, 1947.  An emotional alien girl from an unemotional planet crash-lands in Roswell, where two teenagers, unknowingly in love, hide her in plain sight as the new waitress in the diner, only to discover they have put her in greater danger when a clueless tabloid reporter stranded in Roswell, creates pandemonium with his own "alien invasion", which happens to include romancing whacky "Cousin Aileen." Will it be the story? The girl?

Or intergalactic dirt-kicking contest? 


Awarded by NMI for Best New Musical  and the recipient of numerous developmental readings including The Thousand Oaks Festival of New Musials and Kansas City Festival of New Muscicals, IHIR has had workshop productions  staged in The New York Music Theater Festival and Stages Festival of New Musicals in Los Angeles. This heartfelt sci-fi comedy will tickle your funny-bone with its zany sense of humor and wow you with its exciting and tuneful score.  

Winner NMI 2014 Best New Musical



Terrence Atkins was born in the Arizona. His mother was a teacher and his father was starting a business, so the family was searching for the right place. Arizona, to Wisconsin, to Florida, and then finally to California; all before Terrence turned twelve. His mother, Patricia, was an English teacher at St. Louis University. She was also an actor. Watching his mother on stage for the first time in "Seven Keys to Baldpate" really stuck with him. Years later Terrence would get the chance to act, direct and write with his mother from whom he learned so many things, including the five-seven chords.  

Terrence is a graduate of the Theater Academy of Los Angles City College with a degree in acting. He continued his education and went on to study filmmaking where his short film "Missing" was screened in festivals from California to New York.

A longtime writer of songs, Terrence has also written musicals for the stage. A writer of book, music and lyrics, he is a member of the musical theater workshop NMI Inc., North Hollywood where, by chance, he was teamed with Jeffery Lyle Segal and Meagan Wygant. The trio wrote a very charming fifteen minute musical.

After that summer, Megan had moved upstate and so Terrence and Jeffery began kicking around different ideas for a full length play. Then Terrence mentioned he'd been thinking about writing a story about an alien girl who comes to earth and falls in love with an Earth man. There were also two characters in the short musical written by Wygant, Atkins, and Segal that Terrence and Jeffery thought had potential for further development in another bigger story. The alien musical "I Come for Love" had begun. The show follows a goofy alien girl the night she crash-lands in Roswell where a desperate tabloid reporter is stranded in town looking for a big story.

"I Come for love" was the winner of the Thousand Oaks Search for New Musicals, winner of the NMI search for new musicals, and received an invite to for a workshop production at the ATA Churnuchin Theater as part of the New York Music Theater Festival.

Currently, Terrence lives with his equally creative, and beautiful, wife, Lindsey, and their two goofy kids. Life continues to be pretty darn interesting. Look at all those commas. 
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