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Photo by Michael Kenny


Terrence Atkins  Writer/Director


It Happened in Roswell


by Terrence Atkins & Jeffery Lyle Segal

Summer, 1947. When an overemotional alien girl from an unemotional planet  sneaks away to Earth to understand an Earth trait called "love," she crash lands in the desert outside of the sleepy town of Roswell, New Mexico. That same night a clueless casanova tabloid reporter is also stranded. Having heard the "lights in the sky" reports on the radio, the reporter and his trusty sidekick set out to stage their own fake "alien invasion." When he finally meets the whacky waitress in the diner, "Cousin Aileen," he decides she'll make the perfect fall girl for his scheme, not realizing she's actually the alien "invader" in disguise. He sweeps her off her feet while simultaneously whipping the town into a blood-thirsty frenzy until the US Army surrounds the town.  Will it be the story? The girl?

Or intergalactic war? 


The recipient of numerous developmental readings from coast to coast, and workshop productions at The New York Music Theater Festival and Stages Musical Theatre Festival in Los Angeles, this zany and heartfelt sci-fi comedy will tickle you with its naughty sense of humor while invading your heart with its heartwarming charm.

Winner NMI 2014 Best New Musical



Photo:  David Zaugh